My Story & About Me

The sense of wanting something more in my life was poignant a few years ago. On the surface I seemed to have everything, but never felt fulfilled.

I wished at the time that someone could have helped me, but I had no idea where to turn.

People and books could give me insights, but then I didn’t know what to do with those insights. The books became too general and I wanted to truly tackle my issues. I struggled and wished someone could wave a magic wand and give me what I wanted, which essentially was a feeling of freedom, of peace, of purpose, of joy, of abundance, and of complete fulfilment. I was willing to do the work but I was just too busy and distracted to know what that work was and how to do it. Then I discovered coaching, and with the help of a coach, I was set on my way, both personally and professionally. That is what I want to do for you.

I was born in London in the early ‘70s to immigrant Arab parents. The youngest of three, my life seemed to progress uneventfully, growing up in the middle-class suburbs, going to an all-girls school, then off to university to study dentistry. I excelled academically and socially, with lots of friends and rarely a grade ‘B’ in sight. Beneath my glowing success, however, was in fact a life of emotional turmoil, which I share in my book:

Women Who Want More: How to create a balanced & fulfilled Life.

"As a butterfly evolves from a caterpillar, it leaves its past behind and flies!"

I was a Periodontist and business owner for over twenty years. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a dentist who specializes in treating gum diseases.

These are chronic diseases that not only impact the mouth, but also affect the whole body and have psychological impacts. A great deal of my time was spent not only performing surgery on patients but also getting to know them. I had to tap into their mindset in order to help them change their behaviours – to quit smoking, reduce stress, eat healthily, lose weight, spend time on themselves, and take ownership of their condition. 

I have also taught and lectured widely all around the world having pioneered treatments, and established a global society based around it. 

My passion is teaching and helping people. In fact, it is even more than that – it is empowering people.

There came a time when helping people in a medical capacity was no longer enough for me. If I could find and have what I wanted in life, it felt like my purpose to help others have it too. I needed to move that help beyond the scope of just health and medicine into people themselves, into their core, so I trained as a core-energy coach™. The idea of core-energy coaching™ is to connect your outer goals—your desires, the things you want—to your inner core; the thing that makes you, you. This very powerful process helps people to enjoy rapid, long-term, extraordinary results.

Wherever you are on your journey, coaching can help you.

My name Rana, in Arabic means ‘something so beautiful, you have to turn and look again’ and it is also the name of a constellation of stars. My surname Al-Falaki, means The Astronomer. As the youngest of three,  I needed to stand out and shine, and my parents gave me the name to do just that’.  You too can shine!