Time Is Abundant

How often do we use the phrase “I’ve run out time!’, or ‘there isn’t enough time!”? And what does it make us feel? A sense of stress and overwhelm.

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The Butterfly Moves On

Guilt is such a universal feeling that we all experience when we want to get out of something or move away from something, but we feel bad about it.  We feel bad about letting people down or hurting people’s feelings.  At the same time, we are so often ensconced in what is familiar to us that even though it no longer serves us and we may not feel happy in that situation,  we can’t seem to get ourselves out of it.

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Without A Journey – There Can Be No Destination

We all have a story to tell. We have all had life experiences that have moulded us and made us into what and who we are today. We all have dreams and ideas of where we want to be and what we want to do, and we aim for the destination, thinking that it’s the destination that is going to make us happy.

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