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Women Who Want More
How to Create a Balanced & Fulfilled Life

Women Who Want More book
Compromise Is Overrated
Why Settle?
Mediocre is Out-Dated
Master Your Life
Master Your Business
When We make Our Own Choices, We Have Power
Step Into Your Life
Show Up And Make Life Happen
Capture Those A-Ha! Moments
Create The Life You Want
Step Into Your Power
Chapter 1:
  • Knock Down The Fences So You Can See
  • Knock Down the Fences (mp3)
Chapter 2:
  • 5-minute Centering – Meet your Higher Coach (mp3)
Chapter 3:
  • Drawing The Boundary Lines
Chapter 4:
  • 7 Days To Being A Leader
Chapter 5:
  • Core Beliefs
Chapter 6:
  • Creating Your Energetic Relationship
  • How Am I Seen
Chapter 7:
  • Peeling The Onion
Chapter 8:
  • Finding Your True Need
Chapter 9:
  • Abundance Tool
Chapter 10:
  • Adding Seasoning To My Life
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