Core-energy™ coaching

Energy is not something we can usually see, other than visible light of course. It is something we feel and sense. That may mean something as simple as heat, or a feeling around us, or in us.

How commonly do we use the term Vibe?

When we talk about something having a great vibe, we are talking about great vibration. Vibration is the movement of energy.

When we use the term enlighten – we are not talking about literally lighting someone up, but perhaps explaining something to them so they understand it. To become enlightened, is to be filled up, or perhaps I should say, Lit up with energy.

As part of core-energy™ coaching, we coach your energy around something so that

  • firstly you light up, by understanding everything around the subject and how and why you feel a certain way about it, and then
  • help you to create the change you want

Core-energy™ coaching is about getting deep into the core of something, so that as you and the energy around you shifts, the life around will change too, to how you want it.

It is a process that connects your inner purpose and passion (energy and engagement), to your outer goals and strategies to achieve extraordinary and sustainable success.

These are the steps:

Step 1
Identify the goals of what it is you want to achieve
Step 3
Design a realistic, achievable and time sensitive step-by-step action plan
Step 5
Enjoy your success!
Step 2
Coach to your core – identify your inner motivators to help drive you towards the goal, and release the blocks that may be stopping you
Step 4
Create a supportive system so that you can both achieve extra-ordinary, and sustain it

Coaching is suitable to anyone. It’s about pushing the boundaries and fulfilling your potential. Whether you are an individual or part of a business, coaching can help streamline your success and reduce your stress.


  • You may feel stuck in some way
  • You may know what you want, but not sure how to get it
  • You may find yourself repeating the same behaviours or patterns in life
  • You may feel its time for change in your life
  • You may want to find more balance in your life

This may be in any aspect of your life – career, health, relationships, money, to name just a few.


  • You may want to enjoy more success
  • You may want to improve your leadership skills
  • You may want to identify areas for growth
  • You may want to reduce your stress
  • You may want the whole team to buy in to your vision

These may include areas such as energetic relationships, dynamic communication, and emotional intelligence, to name a few.

Through the core-energy™ coaching process, we first identify your E-Factor. This is your average resonating energy level.

Studies show that the higher your E-Factor, the greater level of success in your life, including areas such as finances, relationships, engagement at work, leadership ability, personal freedom, productivity, health and wellness, and work/life balance.

“By working with a Core Energy™ coach, clients learn to harness the power of energy, thus becoming more evolved human beings and more effective leaders with greatly increased chances of achieving satisfaction in life, work, and relationships.” Your Core Energy Determines Your Life Potential , Lynn Waldorf, PhD, CPC

You can discover your E-factor as part of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. This is an online assessment which takes about 20 mins to complete. It consists of 70 questions where you rate yourself on beliefs, self-perceptions, emotional reaction tendencies, and behavior patterns. Read More.

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