Dr Rana Al-Falaki

Corona virus and the media frenzy is instilling so much fear into us.  It has been interesting to see in my own life different reactions from people.  Some behaving responsibly, others out for just themselves, others incredibly fearful and feeling powerless, others compassionate and concerned, and some not even aware and relaxed.

The energy created by mass hysteria and fear is so strong that it feeds to others and they too take on the fear.  It keeps on propagating and in so doing, the fear creates more destruction.

We are in a unknown time and experience, but we also need to calm down and put things in perspective.  I feel compelled to do something to help this – to help to calm people and make them feel more powerful like they can actually do something and to help to shift the energy to one of love, healing, empowerment, purpose, passion, and engagement.  It we start out day telling ourselves life and the world is a disaster, it will be – especially with the collective energy at the moment where everyone is focused on it.

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If we tell ourselves “all will be well, there will be a solution to this, there will be healing” and lets come back to the now instead of worrying about an unknown future, then collectively, this energy will create one of healing and synthesis.

I have posted a video on Facebook, on You-Tube and would ask all of you to share it with as many people as you know.  This audio mediation/ visualisation has a very powerful healing message which will help you and others around you, and for us to collectively tap into our power to work together to experience healing.  Again, please share with as many as you can.

It doesn’t negate what it is going on, but it will help us do something about it and feel better.

With much love

Dr Rana Al-Falaki