Seven Levels Deep

More than a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein addressed the scientific community, passionately presenting the idea that everything we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is not matter, but energy.   Everything that "matters" is energy. There is no good nor bad, right or wrong energy

The two main types of energy are:

Catabolic (Levels 1 and 2)

This is destructive energy, associated with stress and negative thoughts.  It releases stress hormones in our bodies and are linked to poor health and low levels of satisfaction and fulfilment in all aspects of life.

Anabolic (Levels 3-7)

This is constructive energy, associated with conscious decision making, and positive thinking.  It releases endorphins in our bodies and is linked to good health and high levels of fulfilment, joy, satisfaction and success in all aspects of life.

Each Level of energy is associated with a core thought, core feeling and core action as shown in the energetic self perception chart below

Energetic Self Perception

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What is your Core-Energy?

Energy is not something we can usually see, other than visible light of course. It is something we feel and sense. That may mean something as simple as heat, or a feeling around us, or in us. How commonly do we use the term Vibe? When we talk about something having a great vibe, we are talking about great vibration. Vibration is the movement of energy...