Meditation needn’t be about sitting down cross-legged and trying to clear your mind.

Dancing is a wonderful way to connect – it clears your mind and raises your vibration so that you can have those insightful moments, and at the same time have fun and exercise!

The benefits of this class:

  1. A chance to have fun
  2. De-stress – meditation and dance combined as a very powerful stress reliever
  3. Connect with your vision and purpose
  4. Train your intuitive potential
  5. It allows you to simply surrender and experience being in the moment
  6. You will be able to manifest your wishes into your reality faster
  7. Engage in some physical activity

These classes are for anyone who:

  •  Wants to switch off, relax and have some fun
  • Wants to experience mediation in a dynamic way, and it is perfect for people who find mediation difficult
  • Is of any physical ability – how much you move and how you move will be entirely up to you
  • Wants to feel energised, powerful and equally relaxed and connected
  • Wants to tap into their intuition and train their mind to visualise and create

Classes are virtual and if you don’t want anyone to see you, you can turn off your camera, which makes it perfect for those of you who may feel shy or inhibited.

Experience true uplifting joy in these 60 minutes classes held twice a week



What you will need:

  1. An open mind and anticipation of enjoyment
  2. A notebook and pen
  3. A Wifi connection and the Zoom App downloaded on your phone, tablet or computer

You may also want to consider having, although not essential:

  • A bottle of water
  • Layers that you can remove and put on
  • A towel
  • Something comfortable to sit on
  • Headphones
  • Somewhere private – even in your bedroom


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So excited to see you there! 


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