Opportunity In Hardship

How can there possibly be an opportunity in feeling bad or upset about something?  Why can’t I just be upset, dust it off, get over it and move on? Will you just please let me feel sorry for myself!?

Are these questions you have asked yourself when something didn’t quite go to plan?  And perhaps at the same time you wanted to find a reason for the disappointment so that you can feel better about it by giving it a purpose.

None of these are abnormal responses!  Imagine that feeling of hiking up a mountain thinking you could see the top and gradually your mood has lifted from one of frustration to elation because you can see the end in sight!  When you get to the peak however, you realise its a false one and there’s more to go!  How do you feel now?  Completely deflated again?

The same may happen in a work situation – you are given a task to do and devote so much time and effort to it, pushing yourself so hard because you know you are almost there.  Then another pile of work lands on your desk and you feel despondent again.

So where is the opportunity? That is the question to ask yourself.  We learn even more when things don’t quite go to plan than we do when everything is running as expected. It teaches us so much – about our emotions, it gives us strength, ability to deal with stress and work under pressure, it improves our flexibility of character and ability to deal with change, it helps us to tap into intuitive thought rather than just logical reason by engaging with our emotions, it creates an outwards focussed approach to not think everything is about you.  To not hold yourself in victim-mode where this has happened to you.  This has happened FOR you and by asking that magical question in times of adversity – what is the opportunity in this?  I bet you will find some light in that cloud of darkness.

What do you see in the image for this blog post?  Seven closed doors, or seven unique opportunities to get excited about?

Go ahead – try it!  Make it your favourite word!  Opportunity here I come!

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