Self-Care Gives A Statement

What does this mean to you?  For some it may mean pampering themselves with gifts, treats, food, spa treatments!  For others, it may mean giving themselves enough time to relax, rest, be mindful, meditate and listen to their bodies.  Or of course, it may mean something else – we are each different and will express self-love in different ways.

Sadly, so many of us also negate the need for it – we put others needs before our own, we put work before our health, we put our partners demands ahead of our own.  If you have children, I think I’ll let you off on that one as I am as guilty of that, but reason it by the fact that they are my dependents, and that is my choice.  I should add here that even with my children, I try to find a win-win situation where they also understand my needs and don’t drain me.

However, for anyone and anything else, unless I care for myself and put myself first, then how am I going to be any good for anyone else?  Ask yourself the same….

Why is it important?

It affects our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.  This in turn affects how we engage with the world – with people – our colleagues, our friends, our family, our partners; It affects how we feel and how we perform.  If you want to be healthy, it all starts with how you care for yourself!

As always, no one said this process of growth is easy, but in my usual practical ways, here are some things you can try to engage in self-care and re-energise yourself.  With any of these behaviour shifts, positive reinforcement really helps to keep you going, as does accountability, so consider the following with any of your actions:

  • Give yourself a virtual pat on the back or other reward for engaging in the behaviour
  • Find a nudge-buddy to help keep you accountable and keep you on the right track – this may mean one person or several, or even your social media followers!

Things worth considering to engage in self-care:

  • A healthy meal to nourish your body
  • Lemon water first thing in the morning to detox your body
  • A good nights sleep
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • A mindful walk in silence with no phone – as little as 15 minutes will do it!
  • Tell someone how to feel without feeling guilty about it
  • A massage
  • A luxurious shower or bath
  • Reading a good book
  • Watch something just you want to watch
  • Put your to-do list aside and don’t feel bad about it – let it go!
  • Listen to yourself – trust your intuition
  • Exercise in some form
  • Relish a good chat with a friend
  • Remind yourself how awesome you are!

It doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be short and sweet – but the consistent bit is to know and feel that you deserve it!!  You can read more about it in my #1 Bestselling book Women Who Want More: How To Create A Balanced & Fulfilled Life.

Yes – You Can!


Dr Rana Al-Falaki



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