Dr. Rana Al-Falaki has dedicated her career and life helping others in the most professional and genuine way. Her talks are inspirational, and her personality is larger than life and anyone who had the pleasure and privilege to listen to her can testify to the fact that Rana is truly an amazing and genuine human being with a kind heart and doesn’t withholding anything.

Her ability to make sense of complex matters and make them simple to grasp is unique and she is truly gifted in that respect.

Life is about challenges and obstacles as much as great and happy moments; that is why it is ‘Life’, and to be able to make sense of everything around us can be overwhelming and paralysing sometimes. Therefore, to help find insight and make sense of most things that life throws at us, it is important to have a true and genuine voice who is willing to share their own experience and insight to help others move forward instead of standing still and feeling helpless.

Everyone is charged with immense energy, but during times of need and when we most need it, not everyone is equipped with enough knowledge to redistribute or re-direct that energy in the right direction to help turn situations around.

By introducing the uniqueness of core-energy coaching, Rana shares her expertise in showing how to shift that energy to make us feel and do better in life, creating a life
of abundance, health and happiness both professionally and personally.

I have had the privilege of listening to Rana speaking and every time I do, I feel she adds value to our life and this world can be a better place because of her.
I am proud to call her my friend and she is someone I have huge respect and admiration for, and in my opinion, one should take every opportunity to listen to her and read her book over and over again and take every opportunity to learn from her.
This world is a better place because of her.