The minute I met Rana, I was in awe of her calmness, nurturing and caring nature. She has an ability to make everyone she meets feel like they’re the most important person in the room and takes a genuine interest in them and their lives, instantly putting them at ease. She doesn’t ever judge, she completely understands the complexities of people’s lives and the turmoils of life. She always offers an empathetic shoulder or ear and offers an alternative, unbiased view of the scenario.
Rana has an aptitude for seeing greatness in people when they don’t see it themselves. Rana is the most extraordinary leader. Her unwavering support is always in existence despite what is going on in her life and this is something I will always cherish and hold so dear.
She is an inspiration to so many, including myself, we need more people like Rana in the world to make it a more loving, peaceful place.