Time Is Abundant

How often do we use the phrase “I’ve run out time!’, or ‘there isn’t enough time!”? And what does it make us feel? A sense of stress and overwhelm.

How often do we use the phrase “I’ve run out time!’, or ‘there isn’t enough time!”?

And what does it make us feel?  A sense of stress and overwhelm.

Whatever we tell ourselves becomes our reality because that is how we choose to look at the world.  Perhaps it would be more powerful to look at time as abundant. Imagine if you told yourself that there was plenty for time to get everything done on your list; that there was plenty of time to prepare and achieve everything you wanted to.  In doing just that, the way you actually set about achieving those tasks in the first place would be more productive.  You’d be spending less time getting stressed about it, and more time doing it – approaching everything more calmly and positively.

Try taking a few deep breaths next time you have that sense of overwhelm (level 1 energy). Approach time from a higher level of energy – one of rationalising (level 3), one of gratitude for r having time to do it all (level 4), one of purpose and determination (level 5), or even one of joy, peace and acceptance that you have more than enough time available to you (level 6). This is such an empowering approach and sets you up for success by creating a positive intention right from the start.

There are plenty of tools you can use to help you in feeling this way and of course ways to prioritise, which is where coaching can help.   My book, Women Who Want More, also has a chapter on finding time and having fun with it.  Feel free to check it out!

Time is energy and there is plenty of it.  Allow yourself to believe it!

There is always time. Time is infinite.

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