Without A Journey – There Can Be No Destination

We all have a story to tell. We have all had life experiences that have moulded us and made us into what and who we are today. We all have dreams and ideas of where we want to be and what we want to do, and we aim for the destination, thinking that it’s the destination that is going to make us happy.

We all have a story to tell.  We have all had life experiences that have moulded us and made us into what and who we are today.  We all have dreams and ideas of where we want to be and what we want to do, and we aim for the destination, thinking that it’s the destination that is going to make us happy.

But – and this is a big BUT – sometimes we are so focused on that destination – that final outcome that we think is going to complete us –  that we forget about the journey.  We forget that there is so much to learn in that process.  In travelling the journey and in being present as we do it – noticing the things and people around us – there are opportunities to learn and grow.  There are clues as to how to get to the destination that we are aiming for, even more effectively and easily.

No-one is saying this is an easy process.  The human brain naturally searches for pleasure, rather than pain, so will always look for the things that are going to make us feel good or feel better – the medicine or cure as it were.  When we travel the journey, we may well experience pain – it is not always easy – and so when people tell you to enjoy the journey – that just seems ridiculous – how can you when it is painful.

I’m not saying to enjoy the journey.  Sure, if you can, that is amazing, and that is what level 6 energy allows you to do – for those of you have been reading about the 7-levels of energy which is my approach as a core-energy coach.  Level 6 allows you to feel peace, joy and acceptance no matter what the situation.

But let’s get real here – I certainly admit that that is easier said than done.  As you become more conscious, in our coaching process – we aim to get you there, but for now let’s just focus on assuming you are not there yet.  So, what I would say to those of you who are travelling the journey – the trick is to be present and seek out the opportunity in everything you are experiencing.

A good tip is when things are stressful or going badly, is to ask yourself – what can I learn from this?  How can I turn something from this into a positive? And keep on moving forward – towards your destination.

I like to imagine this a bit like climbing a mountain.  It can be painful – eventually your limbs ache, your shoulders hurt from the backpack, your feet burn, you are out of breath, and you keep looking up only thinking about when you are going to get to the top.  Then you reach a peak, only to realise it was a false peak – and in fact there is still a long way to go. And you feel let down, and cheated and a sense of despair. In this anticipation of getting there in a hurry and focusing on the pain, you forget to enjoy the journey.  The sensational views, the beautiful sounds of nature around you, the rustling trees, the streams and waterfalls, the flowers and vegetation that spring up so naturally, the birds that fly around you, capturing the wind as they glide, and the wonderful conversations and connection that you can have with yourself in that quiet space.  So, in fact, there was opportunity in that journey all the way to the top which I could either choose to focus on or I could have chosen to focus on the pain of it all, and the distraction that that pain would have provided for me.

We have choice in how we travel the journey, in how much distraction we allow ourselves, in how much pleasure or pain we experience from it.  You can read more about this in my book Women Who Want More.

Without a journey, there can be no destination, but we have a choice in how we travel it.

Travel it well!

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Dr Rana Al-Falaki MCD CPC ELI-MP

Be Free, Be Fun, Be Fearless expert, Dr Rana Al-Falaki has had over twenty years’ experience as a world leader in her field, is an international speaker and trainer and coach, a pioneering researcher, writer, healer, and at the same time a mother of three and friend to many. 

She manages to balance it all with an underlying belief that everything you do in life should have purpose, be fun, and that by being conscious, you give yourself choice and the ability to create whatever it is you want. Engaging with people on an energetic level is her passion, which she does with her friends, her children, her family and in her work. She loves being a both a teacher and a student to anyone she meets.

She has redirected her expertise from the field of physical health to a more holistic one of self-mastery and empowerment, using techniques that shift energy to help us heal and manifest a life with no need for compromise or settling. She is the author of the #1 international bestseller Women Who Want More: how to create a balanced & fulfilled Life, and co-author of the best-selling journal How Big Can You Dream? She is a certified professional life and business mastery coach and trainer, a core-energy™ coach and energy leadership index master practitioner, a Rahanni healer, a regional vice president for Crowned 4 Success and Boss Ladies Mindset – the largest and fastest growing female empowerment network on social media, a Law Of Attraction mentor, and founder of Light Changes Coaching. www.lightchangescoaching.com

Her strap-lines are mediocre is out-dated and compromise is over-rated. She has a unique talent in helping people create balance in a fun and practical way, leaving you feeling free and fearless. 

Dr Rana Al-Falaki
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