Energy Leadership Development System™

This program enables you to:

As you go through the Energy Leadership Development SystemTM, you’ll learn about the seven levels of awareness and energy. 

You’ll learn about and be coached on each of the eight building blocks of self mastery so that you understand, embody and have the ability to apply and integrate each skill. You will ultimately become your ideal image of who you want, and need, to be to achieve all that you’ve ever sought.

The first step is to take the ELI Assessment to give you the baseline of your current level awareness and performance.

You will progress through a debriefing and orientation process that enables you to plan your customized developmental roadmap.

The Law of Being Coaching Program™

The Law of Being

There are several options for this program including self-directed, group coaching, and one-to-one coaching.

This is a 16-week program to enable you to manifest what you want in your life, and raise your level of consciousness.

The first step is to take the ELI ™Assessment, followed by the debrief session

Each week, you’ll be listening to one of the CDs in the program, as well as completing exercises in the workbook and doing other assignments that we mutually decide will be beneficial for you.

A journal is included in your Law of Being kit; you may use this to record your thoughts and/or write down how you did on the “this week” activities that are found throughout the workbook.

As your coach, I will help you develop action plans to implement the changes you’d like to make in your life, hold you accountable so that you do what you say what you’ll do, and be your partner in this exciting adventure you’ve undertaken.

The first sessions involves:

The next stages are more specific to help you achieve:

The Four Gets™

The Four Gets

This program enables you to:

Progress in your life with:

This is a four month online program that takes you through the four main areas of life where people find themselves stressed or dissatisfied.  They are relationships, money, career, and health.  Each month, you will go deep into The Four Gets™ process of Getting Out, Getting Loving, Getting Rid and Getting Going, tackling one topic each month.
Compromise Is Overrated
Why Settle?
Mediocre is Out-Dated
Master Your Life
Master Your Business
When We make Our Own Choices, We Have Power
Step Into Your Life
Show Up And Make Life Happen
Capture Those A-Ha! Moments
Create The Life You Want
Step Into Your Power